The professional Love Of a Senior Software Development Guru & Advisor

For over 33 years, I have been providing expert consulting and software development services. Beginning in 1999, I have operated as an independent consultant, either through my own enterprise or in partnership with other firms. My technical expertise and extensive experience have earned me numerous accolades from international corporations.

I pride myself on my flexibility, seamlessly integrating into my clients' teams when required. On occasion, I also bring in independent teams, companies, or individual professionals to ensure we meet the client's objectives. My adaptive approach allows me to take on various roles depending on the project's needs, whether it's assuming leadership positions, diving deep into coding and technical problem-solving, managing development teams, or even heading the technology direction for large-scale projects.


High-Level Consultancy Studies

Tasks and Reports where deep technical knowledge is needed

  • Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Team Analysis
  • High-Risk Problem Assessment
  • Risk Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Development Teams and Projects
  • Resolution of Critical Blockages
  • Adoption and Management of Legacy Software
  • Verification of Best Practices and Technical Debt
  • Assistance in Drafting Internal Work Procedures
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • Custom Software Architecture Design
  • Project Rescue and Turnaround
  • Digital Transformation Advisory
  • Compliance and Security Audits
  • Performance Optimization
  • Vendor and Technology Evaluation
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Mentorship and Leadership Development

Senior Professional Software Development Services

30 years of professional experience as a Software Development Engineer. I love developing applications and software solutions, solving problems, optimising processes, designing and devising solutions, meeting customer needs and helping them earn money.

Hundreds of successful projects, software problems solved, optimised systems, devised software solutions described and implemented.

And always with a love for development, coding, testing, planning, methodologies, monitoring, and respecting budgets in line with the client's objectives.

My best love is for Java, ExtJs and databases like SQL Server, but not restricted to these.


32 Years Working in Professional Software Development

In different roles and technologies, between them:



20 years of experience

Full Stack

30 years of experience

Sencha ExtJs

17 years of experience

AWS API Services

Database Expert

20 years of experience

Recognized as Sencha MVP by Sencha as one of the top 50 Sencha developers in the world

Hundreds of complete and participatory projects, both alone and as part of other teams as a developer, consultant, analyst, team manager, etc.


czAsyncSQLServer: my complete solution for SQL Server T-SQL Advanced Asynchronous Programming.


Documented with use cases, examples, user guide, installation steps, etc.

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czJsDocShowcase. A Sencha application to show jsDoc & Markdown documentation. Customizable and oriented to be expanded. Includes user guide documentation, customization guide and developers guide

With live view examples, documentation, etc.

Click here to view more about czJsDocShowcase

czResponsiveGrid. A Sencha Grid PlugIn for Full Responsive Solutions.

With live view examples, documentation, etc.

Click here to view more about czResponsiveGrid


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SQL Server Git Version Control

Silent Server side SQL Server -> Git integration

Automatically keep your SQL Server data replicas up to date with live data.

The simplest, most reliable and affordable SQL Server Source Code Control solution

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SQL Server Integrator Controller & Supervisor

Automatically keep your SQL Server data replicas up to date with live data.

An ideal solution for Data Warehouse environments

 Ultra fast data imports and automated management synchronization via AWS-DMS.

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